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Diva Q - My Story

I arrived at a judging contest in 2006 that a friend had told me about. I've always loved the art of food and cooking, though didn't have much experience judging yet. That day was so memorable. I had such a rush absorbing all the barbecuing and people around me, savoring every moment. 

Being immersed in the world of BBQ was something I wanted to continue experiencing all the time, and so 3 days later I bought my first smoker (which I originally called 'a smoker thingy').

Alright, so let’s take a step back. I grew up traveling up and down Highway 75 going to Florida with my parents for vacation from Ontario, Canada. Along the road, we would stop and grab Southern barbecue, which was my real introduction to BBQ.

So shortly after buying my first smoker, I traveled to Texas to learn all things barbecue. I got to talk to some of the most legendary families in barbecue. Many of them are still my best friends.

I traveled anywhere BBQ was served or made, eating at every BBQ joint I could find, asking every question. It didn't matter if it was a one man shack serving chicken over a hot charcoal filled barrel on the side of the road, or a high end BBQ joint serving off of the latest in BBQ technology. What really inspired me and continues to are the stories behind these BBQ folks and what drives them to the art of barbecue perfection. 

My first US grand championship was in Pennsylvania, it was such an unreal moment, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. A few other perfect moments were winning the world Championship of Pork, and Bacon world Championship. Creating awesome food, while being recognized with multiple grand championships and hundreds of awards, is a beautiful thing that I greatly appreciate. 

As a BBQ expert and judge, I fulfill many areas of my life, teaching incredible BBQ to incredible people. It’s so humbling getting to help each person become a backyard Rock Star.

I work with amazing companies and have a blast doing it, traveling from the West coast to the East. I wouldn't trade any of it for anything in the world because life is too short for bad barbecue! 

Making silly vacation duck faces! LOL ridiculous.

Making silly vacation duck faces! LOL ridiculous.